Unveiling the Power of the Glock 43 Trigger: A Closer Look at Performance and Functionality


In the world of concealed carry, finding the perfect firearm is a quest that many enthusiasts embark upon. The Glock 43 has emerged as a popular choice, especially for those seeking a compact and reliable option for self-defense. One key element that contributes to the Glock 43’s reputation is its trigger system. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Glock 43 trigger, exploring its design, performance, and how it influences the overall shooting experience.

The Glock 43: A Compact Powerhouse

The Glock 43 is a subcompact, single-stack 9mm pistol designed for concealed carry. Its compact size makes it easy to conceal, while its 9mm chambering provides a balance of stopping power and manageable recoil. One of the standout features of the Glock 43 is its trigger, which plays a crucial role in accuracy, control, and overall shooting satisfaction.

The Glock 43 Trigger: Design and Characteristics

The trigger is a fundamental component of any firearm, and Glock has a reputation for creating reliable and consistent trigger systems. The Glock 43 is no exception. Let’s explore some key characteristics of the Glock 43 trigger:

Safe Action System: Like other Glock models, the Glock 43 features the Safe Action System, which consists of three passive, independently operating mechanical safeties. These safeties work together to prevent unintentional discharges while allowing for a quick and intuitive trigger pull.

Single-Stack Design: The Glock 43 is a single-stack pistol, meaning that the ammunition is stacked in a single column within the magazine. This design choice contributes to the slim profile of the pistol, and it also affects the trigger system, influencing the width and feel of the trigger.

Smooth and Consistent Pull: The Glock 43 trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull, enhancing accuracy and shot placement. The trigger pull weight is approximately 5.5 pounds, striking a balance between being light enough for precise shots and heavy enough for safety.

Performance on the Range:

When it comes to performance, the Glock 43 trigger has received positive reviews from shooters. The combination of a short reset, crisp break, and the Safe Action System contributes to a trigger that is both reliable and user-friendly. Shooters appreciate the consistent feel of the trigger pull, allowing for better control and follow-up shots.

The Glock 43 trigger’s characteristics make it suitable for both experienced shooters and those new to concealed carry. The ease of use and predictable nature of the trigger contribute to a positive shooting experience, promoting confidence in the user’s ability to handle the firearm effectively.

Customization Options:

While the Glock 43 trigger comes with a solid design out of the box, some shooters may choose to explore customization options. Aftermarket triggers, trigger connectors, and other accessories can be installed to tailor the trigger feel to individual preferences. However, it’s important to note that modifying a firearm may affect its reliability and safety, and any alterations should be done carefully and responsibly.


In the world of concealed carry, the Glock 43 stands out as a reliable and compact option. Its trigger system plays a significant role in the overall shooting experience, offering a balance between safety and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a newcomer to concealed carry, the Glock 43 trigger is designed to instill confidence and deliver consistent results on the range. As with any firearm, responsible and safe handling is paramount, ensuring that this compact powerhouse serves its intended purpose effectively.