Navigating Fort Lee, Virginia: A Guide to Finding Your Way


Fort Lee, Virginia, a vital U.S. Army post, is steeped in history and plays a crucial role in the nation’s defense. Whether you’re a military service member, a family member, or a visitor, understanding the address system at Fort Lee is essential for a smooth and hassle-free experience. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to finding your way around Fort Lee, from the main gate to specific buildings and facilities.

1. Main Gate Address:

The main entrance to Fort Lee is through the Lee Avenue Gate. To reach this gate, use the following address:

Lee Avenue Gate

Fort Lee, VA 23801

When approaching Fort Lee, it’s important to have proper identification and be prepared to comply with security protocols.

2. Visitor Control Center:

If you’re a visitor and need assistance with access, the Visitor Control Center (VCC) is the place to go. The VCC is located near the Lee Avenue Gate, and its address is:

Visitor Control Center

1901 Mahone Avenue

Fort Lee, VA 23801

Here, you can obtain a visitor pass and get information about the base’s regulations and amenities.

3. Soldier Support Center:

For administrative services and support for soldiers and their families, the Soldier Support Center is a crucial facility. The address is:

Soldier Support Center

1401 B Avenue

Fort Lee, VA 23801

Here, you’ll find resources related to personnel, finance, and other important services.

4. Lodging Facilities:

Fort Lee offers lodging facilities for service members and their families. The convenient location and comfortable accommodations make it an excellent option for those staying on the base. The address for the Army Lodging office is:

Army Lodging

2001 Adams Avenue

Fort Lee, VA 23801

5. Training and Education Centers:

For military training and education, Fort Lee provides state-of-the-art facilities. The Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) is an integral part of Fort Lee’s educational infrastructure. The address for the CASCOM Headquarters is:

CASCOM Headquarters

2838 C Avenue

Fort Lee, VA 23801

This is where you’ll find information related to training courses, professional development, and educational resources.


Navigating Fort Lee, Virginia, is made easier by knowing the addresses of key locations on the base. Whether you’re a new arrival, a visitor, or a service member, this guide should help you find your way around the base with confidence. Remember to check for any updates or changes to addresses, and always follow base regulations for a safe and enjoyable experience at Fort Lee.