MotionGrey vs EffyDesk: A Comparative Analysis


Standing desks are the best and most innovative creations for professionals. They have gained popularity quickly due to their enormous benefits and the ability to increase productivity. But when buying a durable standing desk, people need help choosing between MotionGrey and EffyDesk. So, we are here to help you make an information-based decision.

Working on a significant job and being equipped with the wrong standing desk is very pinching. Imagine how your productivity will be affected if the desk’s height is incorrect; it will tire you. Your productivity will decrease if you can’t place your necessities on the desk because the desk is not spacious enough. This is the importance of a standing desk in generating ideas, working efficiently, and creating a healthy work environment.


MotionGrey vs EffyDesk:

Having good build quality, durability, and aesthetic appearance, MotionGrey and EffyDesk are considered the best standing desks. MotionGrey has gained a top position for itself in the standing desk market. On the other hand, EffyDesk has placed itself in the middle of technology and furniture with its cutting-edge features.

These provide you with the comfort required for consistent thinking and focus. These mainly two standing desks differ minutely but have different levels of significance. These desks have a lot of value to offer you. So, we present you the features, design, and other facts in detail to help you make an information-based decision: 


One of Canada’s top electric standing desk manufacturers. They produce the most reliable standing desks and are well-known for it. Providing an ergonomic solution to our everyday workspace, they are the top choice of many people.

MotionGrey desks have robust construction. The desks ensure longevity and durability as they withstand the severities of daily use. This robustness is essential, especially for those who require a standing desk that can defy constant adjustments and provide reliable support.

With such dedication, they have proven their commitment to providing the best user experience.


This is one of the main factors when buying a standing desk to replace your workstation. MotionGrey motors are equipped with the Bosch motors, which are developed in Germany. They are known for their better performance and exceptional quality. These motors are smooth and comfortable no matter what the working conditions are. MotionGrey’s Desks are expected to work well if considered in terms of viability.

Height Range:

Height matters significantly in selecting a standing desk as it dictates the worker’s comfort level. The MotionGrey desks are very generous with their height adjustability range and, thus, are known to accommodate user preferences. They are from the lowest of 23.6 inches to 49.2 inches high. This factor ensures adequate ergonomics and makes it suitable for different types of users.


Buying a product must be cost-effective to attract customers. MotionGrey has always been proud of its cost-effectiveness and affordability without making any exceptions in its product quality. The product ranges from as low as $499.99, making it a cost-effective alternative for those on their way to converting their workplace to an ergonomic space.

Table Quality:

MotionGrey partners with a Shanghai-based furniture company, and sources say they use MDF material in their table tops. MotionGrey uses a walnut top made by a local carpenter who is passionate about creating wooden products.


EffyDesk integrates cutting-edge features to enhance the overall workspace experience. Their standing desks come equipped with electronic controls, enabling users to adjust their height precisely and efficiently.

The technological integration in desks adds elegance to the workspace and reflects the brand’s dedication to helping our customers always feel good. Following is a comprehensive analysis of their products based on different aspects.


MotionGrey uses German-made motors, while EffyDesks uses China-made Motor NT33BN2. Shaoxing Naute Drive Technology Co., Ltd designed and manufactured these motor models. These motors have adequate performance and reliability, but they do not match the quality provided by MotionGrey Bosch motors.

Height Range:

In the matter of Height adjustment, EffyDesks are comparatively predecessors. The Home Office Standing Desk, the closest-priced model desk, is $215 higher and has a height adjustability of about the lower range at 28 inches and the upper range at 46 inches. This range is appropriate enough for most users, but those who are excessively short or tall may find the MotionGrey more suitable due to the broader height management range.


The EffyDesk standing desks are more costly than that of the MotionGrey. It is evident from the fact that the home office desk of EffyDesk starts at $715. On the other hand, the business office desk starts at $835. This makes the EffyDesk products less desirable for some of the users. While buying the electric standing desk, consider every aspect and choose which one should be purchased.

Table Quality:

According to the sources, MotionGrey and EffyDesks use the same MDF material in their table tops. It is also one of the reasons that they both have employed the services of

Shanghai-based JiangSu GeLin Furniture Co., Ltd. for their tabletop. There is one thing for which information needs to be made available. It is about the wood top supplier of EffyDesks; it still needs to be discovered.


In conclusion, when comparing MotionGrey and EffyDesk standing desks, it becomes evident that MotionGrey stands out as a more appealing choice for a sophisticated and ergonomic workstation. MotionGrey’s dedication to providing an ergonomic solution to everyday workspaces is reflected in its use of high-performance Bosch motors, generous height adjustability ranging from 23.6 to 49.2 inches, and cost-effective pricing starting at $499.99. The collaboration with a Shanghai-based furniture company ensures quality MDF material in their table tops. On the other hand, while EffyDesk offers a customer-centered approach with adequate performance, the China-made NT33BN2 motors and a narrower height range may be less desirable for users seeking a broader scope of adjustability. Additionally, the higher price points, starting at $715 for the home office desk, make EffyDesk less competitive in cost-effectiveness. MotionGrey emerges as the more viable and feasible choice for those seeking an advanced, ergonomic workstation solution for standing desks.