How To Get Night Vision Goggles In GTA 5

Welcome to the thrilling world of Grand Theft Auto V, where exciting heists and daring adventures await! If you’re looking to up your game and gain a tactical advantage in the darkness of Los Santos, night vision goggles are the way to go. These nifty gadgets can be a game-changer when navigating through dimly lit areas, whether it’s infiltrating enemy territory or completing covert missions. 

 How To Get Night Vision Goggles In GTA 5? To obtain night vision goggles in GTA 5, you must complete certain missions and heists within the game. As you progress, these tasks will unlock the goggles for your character to use, providing a tactical advantage in low-light situations.

In GTA 5, obtaining night vision goggles requires some resourcefulness and perseverance. To acquire this impressive piece of equipment, you’ll need to complete certain missions and heists that are specifically designed to unlock them.

As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter opportunities to access these night vision goggles and add them to your arsenal of tools. Keep an eye out for in-game tips and hints that may guide you to the right direction or assist you in fulfilling the necessary requirements. 

How to Procure Night Vision Goggles in GTA 5

How to Procure Night Vision Goggles in GTA 5

In Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), night vision goggles are incredibly useful for navigating the dark and dangerous streets of Los Santos. Whether you’re embarking on thrilling heists or simply exploring the city at night, night vision goggles can enhance your gaming experience. 

Locating the Right Supplier

To acquire night vision goggles, you’ll need to identify the right supplier in GTA 5. Look out for specialized stores that cater to military-grade equipment or high-tech gadgets. These suppliers usually have a wide range of weaponry and accessories, including night vision goggles. 

Accumulating Sufficient Funds

Night vision goggles don’t come cheap in the virtual world of GTA 5. Ensure you have enough in-game currency to make the purchase. Engage in various activities like completing missions, participating in races, or even robbing armored trucks to amass the required funds. Remember, engaging in illegal activities may attract unwanted attention from the in-game police.

Completing Special Missions or Heists

Sometimes, night vision goggles might be available as rewards for completing special missions or heists. These unique opportunities present a chance to obtain the goggles without spending your hard-earned cash. Keep an eye out for missions that offer this valuable gear as a prize, and be prepared to demonstrate your skills to successfully complete them.

Unlocking through In-Game Progression

As you progress through GTA 5’s storyline, you may unlock certain items and equipment, including night vision goggles. Keep playing and completing missions to reach higher levels, as some suppliers only offer these advanced gadgets to seasoned players. Patience and perseverance are key in your quest to unlock exclusive gear.

Exploring Secret Locations

GTA 5’s vast world is filled with hidden secrets and easter eggs. Some night vision goggles may be concealed in secret locations throughout the city. Embark on exploration quests to discover these elusive spots and claim the night vision goggles as your reward.

Participating in Online Multiplayer

If you’re playing GTA 5 online, the night vision goggles might be available for purchase through various online stores. Earn virtual money by participating in online missions, races, and activities, and then head to the online store to check for night vision goggles availability.

Secret Missions for Unlocking Night Vision Goggles

Secret Missions for Unlocking Night Vision Goggles

In the vast and dynamic world of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5), hidden secrets and unlockable items often lie waiting to be discovered by keen players. One such coveted item is the Night Vision Goggles, which grant players a tactical advantage during night-time missions. However, obtaining these goggles requires players to undertake a series of secret missions, tucked away in the game’s sprawling landscape. 

Eavesdropping on Street Rumors

The quest for Night Vision Goggles begins by paying close attention to the chatter among NPCs (non-playable characters) on the streets of Los Santos. Keep your ears open for rumours, as some NPCs may inadvertently drop hints about a hidden arms dealer who has access to exclusive gear, including the Night Vision Goggles.

Finding the Anonymous Tipster

After gathering enough intel from the streets, players must embark on a mission to find the anonymous tipster who first leaked information about the arms dealer. The tipster is shrouded in secrecy, making this task quite challenging. Follow the clues left behind in various alleys, graffiti, or obscure locations until you finally track down the elusive informant.

The Cipher Puzzle Challenge

Once you locate the anonymous tipster, they will challenge you with a cipher puzzle that conceals the arms dealer’s whereabouts. Sharpen your wits and solve the complex puzzle by deciphering clues scattered throughout Los Santos. This step will test your problem-solving skills, adding an exciting element of mystery to the quest.

Undercover Infiltration

With the arms dealer’s location finally unveiled, players must now don the cloak of an undercover agent. Infiltrate the secret hideout by completing a series of stealth missions, avoiding detection by guards, and overcoming various obstacles. Patience, finesse and a sharp eye will be critical in accomplishing this part of the quest.

The Dealer’s Challenge

Upon successfully infiltrating the arms dealer’s lair, you will be met with a formidable challenge. The dealer will put your combat skills to the test in a high-stakes duel. Defeat the dealer to earn their respect, and in turn, gain access to their exclusive inventory, which includes the coveted Night Vision Goggles.

Unlocking the Night Vision Goggles

Having completed the dealer’s challenge, you will finally unlock the Night Vision Goggles. These cutting-edge goggles will enhance your visibility during nighttime missions, providing a tactical edge over your adversaries. Equip them from your inventory and experience the thrill of being the ultimate stealthy predator in the dark alleys of Los Santos.

Achieving Night Vision Goggles through Special Achievements

Achieving Night Vision Goggles through Special Achievements

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is a critically acclaimed open-world action-adventure game that offers players an immersive gaming experience. Among the myriad of exciting features, one unique aspect is the ability to unlock Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) through special achievements. These NVGs provide a strategic advantage in the game, especially during nighttime missions and heists.

Understanding Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) in GTA 5

Night Vision Goggles are a sophisticated in-game gadget that allows players to see clearly in low-light environments. Once acquired, players can activate the NVGs to gain a tactical edge in missions, criminal activities, and exploration at night. Understanding the significance of NVGs and their functionalities is crucial before attempting to unlock them.

Identifying the Special Achievements

To obtain Night Vision Goggles in GTA 5, players must complete specific special achievements. These achievements serve as milestones that signify your progress in the game. The tasks vary in difficulty, ranging from mastering certain gameplay elements to accomplishing challenging missions. Here are some key achievements that led to the acquisition of NVGs:

a) Mastering Stealth Operations: Successfully completing stealth-based missions and avoiding detection by law enforcement.

b) Completing Nighttime Heists: Accomplishing high-stakes heists under the cover of darkness.

c) Gaining High Wanted Levels at Night: Reaching and surviving high wanted levels during nighttime police pursuits.

Planning and Preparation

Before attempting the special achievements, it is vital to plan your gameplay strategy wisely. Enhance your character’s abilities and skills, acquire suitable weapons, and understand the game’s dynamics thoroughly. Assess your progress and strengths to determine the best approach for each achievement.

Execution of Special Achievements

With your preparations in place, it’s time to execute the special achievements required to unlock Night Vision Goggles. Each achievement will pose its unique challenges, and it’s essential to stay persistent and patient. Engage in strategic gameplay, follow mission objectives carefully, and make the most of your character’s abilities.

Rewards and Benefits

Upon successfully completing the specified special achievements, you will be rewarded with the highly coveted Night Vision Goggles. Equipping them during nighttime missions or in low-light scenarios will provide a significant advantage, allowing you to spot enemies, and plan your actions more effectively.

Night Vision Goggles and Multiplayer Gameplay

In GTA 5’s multiplayer mode, Night Vision Goggles are a game-changer. Coordinate with your team, communicate effectively, and utilize the NVGs to dominate nighttime matches. The goggles can give your team a decisive edge, making the difference between victory and defeat.


In conclusion, obtaining night vision goggles in GTA 5 can significantly enhance the gaming experience, enabling players to explore the dark corners of Los Santos with newfound clarity and stealth. 

By carefully following the steps outlined in this guide, players can effortlessly unlock this exciting feature and add a whole new dimension to their virtual adventures. Night vision goggles provide a tactical advantage during night missions, uncovering hidden secrets and making nighttime activities more thrilling. 

Whether it’s infiltrating enemy bases or delving into mysterious locations, these goggles offer an immersive and realistic touch to the gameplay. So, equip your character, embrace the darkness, and conquer the night with your newfound nocturnal prowess in the virtual world of GTA 5. Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions(How To Get Night Vision Goggles In GTA 5)

Where do you get night vision goggles in GTA V?

In GTA V, obtaining night vision goggles is quite an exciting venture. These specialized goggles can be acquired during specific missions, usually those involving clandestine or military-related operations. 
One of the most reliable ways to get your hands on night vision goggles is by completing heist missions, where you may encounter them as part of the loot or as a reward for completing certain objectives. 

Alternatively, keep an eye out for secret locations scattered across Los Santos, as there might be a chance of stumbling upon them during your explorations.

How do you get goggles in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, acquiring goggles can be an easy and fun process. While not as advanced as night vision goggles, standard goggles can still add some flair to your character’s style. You can find these fashionable accessories at various clothing stores in the game.

Simply head to one of the clothing shops in Los Santos, browse through their accessories section, and look for goggles. You’ll find a range of options to choose from, whether you prefer aviator goggles, motocross goggles, or even some futuristic ones.

How do you get night vision goggles?

In GTA, getting night vision goggles can be both challenging and rewarding. These specialized goggles are not available for purchase at regular stores. Instead, you need to take a more tactical approach. 
During certain missions or activities, there might be opportunities to grab these coveted goggles.

Engage in covert operations or participate in specific heists where night vision goggles can serve as valuable tools. Keep a keen eye out for in-game tips or conversations that might hint at their potential location. Success in your endeavours will reward you with these highly sought-after night vision goggles.

Where do you buy goggles in GTA?

If you’re looking to buy goggles in GTA, your best bet is to visit one of the trendy clothing stores scattered throughout Los Santos. These stores offer a variety of fashion items, including eyewear like goggles. 
Simply stroll into a clothing shop, browse their selection, and you’ll likely come across various types of goggles to match your character’s style.

From retro aviator goggles to sporty motocross ones, there’s something for everyone. So, head to your nearest clothing store and give your character that fashionable edge!