Mastering Precision: The World of CBE Archery


In the realm of archery, precision and accuracy are paramount, and so is the equipment used by archers. CBE Archery, short for Custom Bow Equipment, is a leading name in the world of archery, known for its commitment to innovation and producing high-quality archery accessories. In this blog, we’ll explore the world of CBE Archery, shedding light on the company’s history, its impressive range of products, and its contribution to the sport of archery.

A Legacy of Excellence

CBE Archery, headquartered in Michigan, USA, has been a pioneer in the archery industry for over three decades. The company was founded by engineer Scott Wright, whose vision was to create precision archery equipment that would help archers push the boundaries of their accuracy. Since its inception, CBE Archery has become a trusted brand, synonymous with quality and innovation.

Key Products from CBE Archery

Sights: CBE’s range of bow sights is designed to provide archers with exceptional accuracy. These sights are engineered with advanced technology, ensuring precise target acquisition and optimal aiming points.

Scopes: For archers who prefer scopes, CBE offers high-quality scope options that integrate seamlessly with their sights, allowing for consistent and accurate shots.

Stabilizers: CBE’s stabilizers are designed to minimize vibration and balance the bow during the shot, contributing to enhanced accuracy and consistency.

Arrow Rests: CBE’s arrow rests are crafted to provide a secure and consistent platform for arrow launching, improving accuracy and arrow flight.

Release Aids: CBE’s release aids are designed with precision in mind, ensuring that the archer can execute a shot with minimal interference and maximum control.

Innovation and Technology

CBE Archery is recognized for its continuous investment in research and development. The company consistently pushes the envelope in terms of archery technology, introducing innovative features and design elements that enhance the overall archery experience. Some of the technologies used in CBE products include:

Rapid-Drive™ Technology: CBE’s sights feature the Rapid-Drive™ system, allowing for quick and easy elevation adjustments to hit different yardages accurately.

Dovetail Systems: Many of CBE’s products use dovetail systems for precision attachment and easy tuning.

Micro-Adjustments: CBE sights and scopes often incorporate micro-adjustment capabilities for fine-tuning, ensuring precise shots in various conditions.

The Impact on Archery

CBE Archery’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has significantly impacted the sport of archery. Archers, from beginners to professionals, rely on CBE products to enhance their accuracy and consistency. The company’s dedication to quality has helped raise the overall standards of archery equipment.


CBE Archery, with its rich history and commitment to innovation, stands as a key player in the world of archery. Whether you are a competitive archer, a hunting enthusiast, or a recreational shooter, CBE’s high-quality accessories and technology are designed to elevate your archery experience. The precision, accuracy, and reliability offered by CBE Archery equipment have earned the trust of archers worldwide, and the company continues to shape the future of the sport with its cutting-edge technology and unwavering dedication to excellence.