The 470 Nitro Express: A Legend in Dangerous Game Hunting


In the world of hunting, particularly when pursuing the planet’s largest and most dangerous game, the choice of caliber can make all the difference. The 470 Nitro Express is a legendary cartridge revered for its stopping power and accuracy in the face of formidable creatures. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, ballistics, and enduring appeal of the 470 Nitro Express among hunters and firearms enthusiasts.

A Legacy of Big Game Hunting

The 470 Nitro Express, often simply referred to as the 470 NE, is a classic big-game cartridge with roots in the late 19th century. It was designed by London gunmaker Joseph Lang in the 1900s, originally for hunting large and dangerous game species in Africa. This cartridge quickly gained a reputation for its remarkable stopping power and accuracy, which made it an indispensable tool for professional hunters and adventurers.

Key Features of the 470 Nitro Express

Caliber: The .470 NE fires a large, heavy bullet with a caliber of .474 inches (11.99mm). This substantial bullet size contributes to its stopping power.

Bullet Weight: Bullets used with this cartridge typically range from 500 to 500 grains or even more. The combination of caliber and bullet weight ensures deep penetration and incapacitation of large game.

 Low Recoil: Despite its size, the .470 NE is known for its manageable recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots compared to other big-game cartridges.

Versatility: The .470 NE is suitable for a wide range of large and dangerous game, including elephant, buffalo, and big cats. Its versatility has made it a top choice for African safaris.

Reliability: Known for its consistency and reliability, the .470 NE is favored by professional hunters for its proven track record in the field.

Enduring Appeal

The 470 Nitro Express continues to captivate hunters and firearms enthusiasts for several reasons:

Stopping Power: The 470 NE is renowned for its exceptional stopping power, making it a top choice for hunters pursuing large and potentially dangerous game.

Versatility: Its adaptability for hunting various species and the wide array of bullet options contribute to its enduring appeal.

 Tradition: Many hunters and collectors appreciate the historical significance and classic charm associated with the .470 NE.

Professional Use: Professional hunters often rely on the .470 NE for their work due to its reliability and proven performance in real-world hunting situations.


The .470 Nitro Express is a legendary cartridge that has become synonymous with dangerous game hunting. Its remarkable stopping power and versatility in the field make it a top choice for hunters pursuing some of the world’s largest and most formidable creatures. Whether you’re a professional hunter, an enthusiast of classic firearms, or someone with a passion for big-game hunting, the .470 Nitro Express remains a timeless and iconic choice for those who seek both adventure and precision in the wild.