The .404 Jeffery: A Timeless African Classic


The .404 Jeffery is a cartridge that carries a legendary reputation among hunters, especially those with a passion for big game and the wilds of Africa. Renowned for its versatility and power, this classic cartridge has stood the test of time. In this blog post, we will delve into the history, ballistics, and enduring allure of the .404 Jeffery.

A Legacy of Excellence

The .404 Jeffery, also known simply as the .404 Jeffery, was designed by British firearms expert W.J. Jeffery in the early 20th century. The goal was to create a cartridge that could provide superior ballistics and versatility in the diverse and challenging African hunting conditions. The result was a masterpiece that has been revered ever since.

Ballistics and Performance

The .404 Jeffery is known for its exceptional ballistics and stopping power, making it a preferred choice for hunters pursuing some of Africa’s most formidable game, such as elephant, buffalo, and lion. Key features of this cartridge include:

Projectile Weight: The .404 Jeffery typically fires a heavy bullet in the range of 400 to 450 grains, delivering substantial energy upon impact.

 Muzzle Velocity: While it may not be the fastest cartridge, the .404 Jeffery’s moderate muzzle velocity provides excellent penetration and controlled expansion, ensuring a clean kill.

 Versatility: This cartridge is adaptable, performing well with a variety of bullet types, making it suitable for hunting different species of large African game.

Recoil: While the recoil of the .404 Jeffery is substantial, experienced hunters often find it manageable, given the cartridge’s effectiveness in the field.

Enduring Allure

The .404 Jeffery’s timeless allure can be attributed to several factors:

Versatile Hunting Application: The cartridge’s versatility allows it to be used for a wide range of game animals, from plains game to the largest and most dangerous species.

Reliability: The .404 Jeffery has earned a reputation for delivering consistent and reliable performance, even in challenging conditions.

Tradition: Many hunters appreciate the historical significance and timeless elegance associated with using classic cartridges like the .404 Jeffery.

Stopping Power: The .404 Jeffery is known for its tremendous stopping power, instilling confidence in hunters when facing dangerous game.


The .404 Jeffery is a cartridge that stands the test of time, remaining a beloved choice among hunters and collectors who appreciate its outstanding ballistics and reliability. Whether you’re planning a safari in the African bush, pursuing North American big game, or simply seeking the charm of a classic cartridge, the .404 Jeffery is a compelling option. Its ability to perform in a wide variety of hunting scenarios and its legacy of excellence make it a true African classic that continues to captivate the hearts of hunters worldwide.